About Us

      The Banyan tree symbolizes strength and longevity. Its growth is legendary and over its lifetime can grow from a single trunk into an entire forest. Like its namesake, BANYAN COMMODITY GROUP and its team has become a symbol of business strength, longevity and growth in and throughout the North American markets. Our team of seasoned veterans will provide its clients with our most comprehensive services to date. We’re thrilled to build on the experience, proven track record and clients base of all of our professionals, who have played key brokerage roles serving this market. With our in-depth knowledge of not only the physical markets but the underlying carbon credits and logistical challenges that can arise, we will be a key asset to clients managing their risk in this challenging global environment.  Our group will provide trade execution and strategies to the wide variety of clientele involved within these markets.

Meet the Team

Andy Emerson has 15 years of experience in sales and brokerage services. He has most recently provided brokerage services in the renewable fuel and energy credit markets for companies ranging anywhere from small to fortune 500.  His in-depth knowledge and high work integrity in many markets including the Renewable Identification Number (RINs) market has helped him build countless strong relationships with key market participants. Prior experiences include business management, mortgage financing, retail banking, consulting and real estate sales. 

Barry Lamb has a broad level of experience in sales and brokering having worked most of his early years out of Bates College gaining experience in the interest rate derivative market in the late 80s and 90s in New York City. He started his career first working for Chase Manhattan Bank Private Banking in their portfolio management group and then at The American Stock Exchange as a floor reporter and then an options analyst for their Stock Watch division. He then worked for four years at Noonan, Astley and Pearce a London based foreign exchange firm brokering FRAs, Interest Rate Swaps and options until moving to Lasser Marshall’s interest rate desk for another four years. He then moved to Cashiers, North Carolina selling high end golf community property at Trillium Links and Lake Club until moving to Florida in 2007. Over the past seven years, he worked as a broker focusing on the ethanol, biodiesel, RINs, LCFS, CCAs, options and structuring railcar leases for clients in a variety of commodities.

Jason Sawicki brings more than 18 years of combined experience in the renewable energy markets and financial services. Most recently he served as a Vice President specializing in over-the-counter derivatives and being instrumental in the liquidity and transparency of multiple markets. After graduating from Michigan State University with  his B.A. in Advertising, he relocated to Naples, Florida where he has resided for 14 years. When he's not focused on the daily trading activities, he can be found spending time playing golf, tennis or just being active outdoors.